Career Options after 10th Grade

How to choose career options after completion of 10th class.

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In India we often experience that people choose their career based on their social situations around them and not according to their passion or life goals. I have a lot of friends who chose Engineering just because most of their classmates went for that stream or they didn’t have anyone to coach or guide them. They wanted to do this because they were either pressurized by their parents or one of their relatives is earning decent money after getting a job in engineering. Many of them left the engineering in between because by 2nd or 3rd semester when they came to know that this is not something that they ever wanted to do. Or many of them I see working with non-engineering based company which doesn’t make any sense spending 5-7 Lakhs to be an engineer.     

I feel this fight actually starts from the moment we complete our 10th grade in school as whatever subjects you choose in 11th-12th directs your career that if you are going to be an engineer, teacher or a banker etc. In general after your child is done with his 10th grade, it becomes really important to think that helps your child in long term.

So parents must keep a few things in their before pushing their child to meet their expectations, and then seek for guidance before getting him enrolled into a particular course. I would recommend points mentioned below can be considered while planning your kid’s future.

  • When you observe your kid is getting attracted to certain sort of games or play quite often, see if this is something that can help him pursue his career when he is grown.
  • Provide him the basic support to access modern technology like internet, books and biographies.
  • Don’t ever let him get to know that he is being assessed that can make your child tensed.  
  • Help him build small projects according to his choice; just make sure that project has enough learning scenarios for your child.
  • Let him follow his passion because he can do wonder if he does what he loves to.
  • Discuss, not impose your expectations with your child, he might have something really brilliant than what you think best for him.
  • If necessary, send him to a good college if that’s something limiting his career aspirations, no matter if he has to live away from home for his studies.
  • Let him explore the world on his own, suggest him to read some books on how companies started their business and soon became world known.
  • Don’t ever push your child for grades; this will only lead to depression for your kid.
  • Don’t just be parents; behave like a coach with him who always provides them constructive feedback.
  • Always show him that if anything goes wrong, you are standing behind him to support them.

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